Foot Massagers

After months of reviewing close to 20 best foot massagers on the market today, the Brookstone Shiatsu Foot Massager reigns supreme. Not only is it designed by a well-known brand that’s several decades in existence, it also offers the most number of massage settings among all the foot massagers we’ve reviewed.

best foot massager

The Brookstone Shiatsu Foot Massager comes with three pre-set massage programs (Soothe, Pulse, and Energize), each of which can be adjusted to a low- or high-intensity, giving users a total of 6 massage types to choose from. The adjustable intensity is a great selling point, considering that other foot massagers don’t have it.

It’s also complete with heat function, air bags that squeeze the top of the feet, an easy-grab handle, and a 1-year warranty from product defect/malfunction. It would have been perfect if it comes with remote control that can make it easier for the user to customize the massage without bending down.

On the second place is the equally impressive Human Touch Reflex4 Foot And Calf Shiatsu Massager, a groundbreaking product with several patented technologies. Apart from a reflexology-style foot massage, it also delivers an upward rolling massage to the legs which relaxes the muscles and establishes healthy blood circulation.

best foot and calf massager

Also known as “figure-eight” technology, this remarkable feature will particularly benefit those who always complain of foot and leg pain after standing all day.

Although the combination of foot and leg massage separates Human Touch Reflex4 from ordinary foot masagers, it should be noted that it also lacks a heat function. For some, this could prevent them from buying, while others may be willing to look past this missing feature and just use heated socks instead.

As if to compensate for this minor flaw, Human Touch Reflex4 has incredible features you won’t see in its cheaper counterparts. These include CirQlation technology which simulates a therapist’s massage, adjustable tilt base, and an extended height that suit those with shorter or longer legs.

If you’re suffering from peripheral neuropathy, we’ve rated the Moji Foot PRO as the best foot massager for diabetics. It’s a manual foot massager so the user is in full control over the intensity and which part of the feet to be massaged.

In addition to that, it’s not equipped with heat, a common feature not recommended for diabetics whose sensation is compromised.

best foot massager for diabetics

Moji Foot PRO Massager also has a small, compact size that makes it suitable for travels. We also love its slip-resistant base, 1-year warranty, and great versatility in massaging other parts of the body like the shoulders and back.

Another cheap but reliable foot massager for those suffering from diabetic neuropathy or plantar fasciitis is TheraFlow. It’s a wooden mechanical massager with 10 independent rollers that stimulate different reflexology points of the feet. It’s lightweight, suits any feet size, and is made from a high-quality and durable wood of an evergreen tree.

best foot massager for plantar fasciitis

With TheraFlow, you can control how hard or light you press your feet against the rollers. It also doesn’t have heat nor it is powered by electricity, making it one of the safest massagers for those with delicate conditions.

Best Foot Massagers: An Overview.

According to Harvard Medical School, three out of four Americans are likely to suffer foot problems in their lifetimes.

This is not surprising as our feet carry the weight of our body everyday. Ironically, however, most people trapped in the daily grind often take their feet for granted.

No one can prove this better than people who spend a huge chunk of their working hours standing on their feet. They include nurses, teachers, bank tellers, retail assistants and even runners or athletes.

As a registered nurse myself, I can definitely attest to this. Sadly, I don’t have time to look at my feet, let alone pay for a professional foot massage regularly.

But just like how technology gave birth to robotic massage chairs, we now also have electric foot massagers that promise to pamper your feet even at the comfort of your own home. Some don’t even require electricity and work just as well.

As early as 1950s, electric foot massagers are already being sold in the US market. One memorable example is the 30-degree angle electric foot massager manufactured by Dr. Scholl’s.

Since then, many products have come out in the market, all trying to outdo one another to become the best foot massager. But do foot massagers work? Or are they just a waste of money?

No less than Harvard Medical School agrees that foot massagers, despite their limitations, can help take care of our tired, sore feet. In an article published in their health publication, Harvard defines foot massagers or rollers as “low-tech devices” that can help “relax and restore your feet.”

Foot massage, whether done by a professional or a machine, stimulates muscles, improves blood circulation and reduces pain and tension on our overused feet. Therefore, it is recommended to include it as part of your foot care regimen which also includes losing weight and choosing comfortable shoes.